Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Vanilla Plot is Sprung

Dear Friends,

What can one say at a time like this but a humble “thank you”. Just when I had given up on everyone’s memory you all came through simultaneously and in fine style.

I was thoroughly surprised and am very appreciative of the pure Mexican vanilla.

Thank you thank you thank you/

I will never doubt your memories again; individual or collective.

Yours in vanilla.

Warmest regards,

Bob Rosenbluth

Before Bob and Linda Arrive - The Plot Thickens

Bob had asked us to bring him a bottle of Vanilla back from our Sarasota Sister Cities trip to Merida, Mexico.  We found out on the trip that he has asked all three couples for a bottle of vanilla. He must have an addiction to Vanilla.  So we determined to award him the bottles together at a surprise party. 

And he was surprised.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Linda

Thank u  thank u  thank u for creating a special evening for us as well as some special memories !!!

Thank u perhaps most of all for your friendship.


Linda Rosenbluth

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